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Remembering Peter Burwash

By René Zondag, PBI President

Pictured: Peter, René and René's wife Ineke at Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

"I am grateful for the impact Peter Burwash has had on my life. Since I joined PBI in 1997, my relationship with Peter, then Founder and President changed. He became a mentor and a true friend. He taught me the value of selfless service; that effort matters above results, catch people doing things right, never expect always appreciate, humility is the crown jewel of someone’s character. These were just some of the timeless wisdoms, wisdoms that he reflected, and he shared across the globe.
The purpose of a great company is to make great people”. For Peter this was not just a quote, it was his objective, he sincerely and genuinely used every opportunity to help and teach. Without exception anyone that joined the company, left the company as a better professional and a better human being.
With never ending enthusiasm and optimism he shared his teachings whether the foundations of teaching tennis or our purpose in this life. He has been an inspiration for tennis enthusiasts, corporate executives, anyone he encountered across the globe
Now he has left, we remain with deep gratitude for all his service to PBI, to PBI professionals, to the tennis industry and beyond. You will be missed but your legacy continues. It is an honor and privilege to continue where you left it."

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