• Kimberly Runyan

Welcome To Our Associates' EXPERIENCE Newsletter!

Dear Team, I am both honored and humbled to lead off the first issue of “Associate EXPERIENCE!” When I first began my journey as a summer tennis counselor many years ago, I never dreamt that I’d have the career I’ve had, nor that I’d be sending an Associate Newsletter to team members in 62 unique locations, in 12 countries, representing three distinct brands. (Peter Burwash International, Cliff Drysdale Tennis and “white label” clubs).

"EXPERIENCE." I can’t think of a better word to encapsulate what each of you do every day when you serve the members, guests, and customers that you do. You’re providing an EXPERIENCE; in many cases it may be the best experience of that person’s day. The feeling of providing an amazing EXPERIENCE is what drove me every day when I was a camp counselor, doing court maintenance, manning the pro shop desk, and as a club director. I hope that it drives you also.

In my current role, I have very little interaction with members, guests, and public customers, however one my important roles is to focus on and try to enhance your experience. You are the most important part of this group of brands that we all represent. As such, I aim to do my best to serve your needs and make positive change that will benefit you. I firmly believe that by acting in this manner, and balancing your needs alongside those of our customers, and the clubs we work for, that it will result in the best long-term outcomes for all.

We each have our own unique view of the world and that view is shaped by many things including our immediate surroundings. One of the goals of this newsletter is to share with you interesting news, events, and recognize your colleagues from outside of your immediate surroundings. Our hope with this is that you will learn about and begin to feel connected to an amazing group of service professionals from around the globe. As I mentioned earlier, we represent 62 locations, in 12 countries, performing a variety of roles. These include, maintenance, culinary, racquets professionals, club management, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, operations, leadership, the list goes on. Each of these roles is critical to creating the amazing EXPERIENCE that we strive for. I invite you to learn more about our spectacular portfolio of destinations and team members by visiting the PBI Locations Directory and Cliff Drysdale Tennis Locations Directory via these online links.

I also encourage you to provide feedback, this is the first issue and a big task. We will make mistakes (and learn from them). Please help us to learn faster, tailor the content to better suit you, and to help foster an amazing Experience for all of our team members.

Thank you,

Scott Colebourne, CEO, Cliff Drysdale Tennis

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