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"Did You Know?" Fun Facts About Peter Burwash

Peter Burwash was the author of 11 books, all focused on ways to help others. Tennis for Life and Total Tennis were the two tennis books, with Tennis for Life still being used today in the training of all PBI professionals. The other books written by Peter include:

• The Key to Great Leadership

• Behind Every Lesson There is a Wonderful Journey

• Becoming the Master of your Dash

• Total Health

• Improving the Landscape of your Life

• Dear Teenager, If you only Knew

• Aerobic Workout for Men

• Who Cares? A Wake-Up Call for Service and Leadership

• Vegetarian Primer

Historically, Peter would take a one-month vacation in an isolated location like Fiji where he would disconnect from the outside world to focus on his writing.

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Leilani Magee Bettendorf
Leilani Magee Bettendorf
06 ene 2023

Love Peter, the books he wrote, the questions he asked, the knowledge he shared one on one and with the world.

Me gusta
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