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  • Kimberly Runyan

Happy 48th Anniversary PBI!

PBI’s 48th anniversary on the 15th February will commemorate a year of the greatest change in our company’s history. In the last year, we have gone from being the world’s largest privately-owned international tennis management company to being a part of an even larger service company in the form of Troon. 

Most poignantly, just as a new chapter in PBI’s corporate history commenced, another came to a close with the passing of Peter on July 7th 2022. Peter had so adamantly resisted all the buy-out offers he had received over the years for PBI – and there were many – believing that it would be detrimental to PBI’s raison d’etre. Troon was the first company he felt comfortable would allow PBI’s legacy to continue to thrive into the future and, at the same time, solidify its future in an increasingly difficult market. 

Let us all live up to Peter’s original vision by living PBI’s culture, teaching concepts and service standards.

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