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  • Kimberly Runyan

Kudos to PBI Associate, Mary Hannsz of Hanalei Bay Resort, Kauai

"We love Hanalei Bay Resort and the time we spend there each year for a number of reasons, but a key reason is the tennis program. It is excellent, and we want to express our appreciation to Mary Hannsz, the HBR tennis professional who is responsible for that excellence.
We have been coming to Hanalei Bay Resort annually and participating in the tennis program for many years. We’ve watched Mary grow in confidence as a tennis coach/instructor over those years and are always impressed with her ability to make players of all ages - from little kids to older adults - feel good about their games. She brings a seriousness to her teaching, and challenges players of all skill levels to improve their games. But just as important, Mary brings an upbeat and positive attitude to the court everyday and a spirit of fun.
The knowledge Mary has gained from PBI is icing on the cake: She has benefited from PBI instruction and the HBR tennis program benefits in turn. The drills she learns and brings to the clinics and lessons are fun and helpful and the teaching methods are effective. Mary’s innate teaching and tennis skills in combination with the expertise offered by PBI translates into a super tennis program at Hanalei Bay Resort.
Our thanks to both Mary Hannsz and PBI."
~ W. Byers, HBR Board Member
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